Jamie's Junk Show

The JUNK SHOW has a groovy acoustic style incorporating, Rock, Reggae, Bluegrass and Jazz. A sure bet for maximum entertainment at any club or function!


“I will Survive”, and “Love you Madly” – by Cake.
“Blister in the Sun”, “Gone Daddy Gone” and “Kiss Off” – by Violent Femmes.
“Ring of Fire” and “Folsom Prison Blues” – by Johnny Cash.
“Sitting Waiting Wishing”, “Flake”, “Bubble Toes” and “Upside Down” – by Jack Johnson.
“What I Got”, “Santeria”, “Doin' Time”, “Badfish” and “Garden Grove” – by Sublime.
“Rascal King” – by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
“We Can Take You There”, “Stepping Stone” – by G. Love.
“Super Bon Bon” – by Soul Coughing.
“Seven Nation Army” – by The White Stripes.
“Down Under” – by Men at Work.
“Raspberry Beret” – by Prince.
“Kung Foo Fighting” – by Karl Douglas.
“Welcome Back Kotter” – by John Sebastion.
“Last Dance with Mary Jane”, “American Girl” – by Tom Petty.
“Mr. Brightside” – by The Killers.
“Send Me On My Way”, “Ecstacy”, “Martyr” – by Rusted Root.
“Boogie on Reggae Woman” – by Stevie Wonder.
“Sedated” – by The Ramones.
“Melt With You” – by Modern English.
“Laid” – by James.
“I Don't Wanna Be” – by Gavin DeGraw.
“Beverly Hills”, “Island in The Sun” – by Weezer.
“Basket Case” – by Green Day.
“Just Like Heaven” – by the Cure.
“Scarlet Begonia's” – by The Grateful Dead.
“Love Me Two Times” – by The Doors.
“Jane Says” – by Jane's Addiction.
“Pina Colada Song” – by Rupert Holmes.
“Kryptonite” – by Three Doors Down.
“Waiting in Vain”, “Stir it Up”, “Lively Up Yoursel”f, “I Shot the Sherriff” and “Trenchtown Rock” – by Bob Marley.
“Hey Girl” – by O.A.R.
“Gin and Juice” – by Snoop Dogg.
“Mysterious Ways” – by U2.
“Harder they Come” – by Jimmy Cliff.
“Late in the Evening” – by Paul Simon.

And Many More!!!

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